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Jeffrey and Retinitis Pigmentosa

How a person with Retinitis Pigmentosa Sees the world.

My passion is LSL and OSSL scripting. First began native machine codeing back in the 80's for the Commodor 64. Native machine coding example is CDOF3DF00 etc. and my first publish game was "Egglet" silly name I know but did quite well. Later writiing one of the earliest slot machines for the Windows 95 system selling thousand of copies within months. From there, got married seeded my wife with 3 children, later they were seeded and also seeding giving me 7 grandchildren. Moment to say proud of you son, you showed us all, born with one nut and proved you can seed!

Sad, yes sad, I worked 6 days a week for more than a decade with only time for family and plenty of seeding with no time for coding. In 2008, discovered a virtual fantasy world. I wasn't interested in playing dress up and going to viritual disco's and perving on pixelised naked female avatars. I discovered, money can be made here and moved from regular coding to LSL coding for viirtual worlds.

I Studied hard spending thousands on products created by my targeted competators, not for enjoyment but to study what my competion had on offer and how I can make it BETTER! Within 1 year, starting from nothing, built a virtual high rated virtual store, running 2nd place to the bastard that had established his business a couple of years earlier.  Seriously, he knew his father and wasn't a bastard.

Selling quality products, security systems, spying software and so on. Top selling product was security frollowed by spy software to sell to the insecure gamers wanting to know if their virtual lover was sleeping aronud when they are not on line. Jealousy and insecurity of my customers is what drove my sales high.

Later I invested thousand of dollars purchasing virtual land to lease out to the perverts in the game. Sadly, after 2 years, my profits stagnated as the profits from the software I wrote was carrying the loses from the virtual land. With great reluctamce I gave thousands of dollars of land away for free. Sometimes. you have to lose a little for the greater benefit. Once ditching land that stagnated my profits my profits sky rocketed.

Now, due to eye sight loss the times have changed. No longer can I perve at naked pixelated naked woman.

You can hyper teleport to Covert Gadgets from any OpenSIM grid within the metavers. 

Open your viewer map and past the following to hyper teleport: Gadget
There you may come accros SweetNWild Magic and Irish Whisky. When you do, don;t be shy "Say HI"

Formerly SWA Security (2008) of Linden Labs, SecondLife. SWA Security held 2nd place amongst the leaders of gadget retailers for virtual worlds. Produced top quality products, with high sales turnover and was proud of returning customer sales and detected one on one after sales support.

Due to failing eye sight, the founder of SWA Security withdrew from the game and setup a hobby grid within the OpenSIm community. Running as a hobby, (Retired) took away the high pressure of professional creation and sales.

SWA is now run as Covert Gadgets, same high quality products given away for free, making creatiion of products with failing eye sight, less stressful and an enjoyable pass time.

Many commercially available gadgets, used on the virtual world, SecondLIfe have been migrated into OpenSim and supplied for free by Covert Gadgets. Hyper teleport from any grid to Gadgets

There you will find high quality product for free. Donations greatly appreciated.