Assist with the Meet & Greet interview process

Click to see an image that shows the way I see the world

Initially I'll employ you, 4 hours per week. 10am-2pm After the trial period and I feel we are a match I'll increase to 2 days, 8+ hours per week. Those days being Tuesday and Thursdays or Thursday and Friday. Doctor and Hospital appointments will arise from time to time on different days and you will be first choice to ask if available to assist.

The information below is designed to give you enough information to:

  1. Provide me with support
  2. Decide if you want to do a meet and greet interview.
  3. Provide you enough information to prepare you for the meet and greet.

About Jeffrey

I'm legally blind with the eye condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa.
I enjoy outings, theatre, cinema, ten pin, mini golf, long walks, nature, coding, running servers. talking and comfortable silence.

How to support Jeffrey

To meet my NDIS goals the NDIS requires you.

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa (Short Description)

Retinitis Pigmentosa, or medically abbreviated to (RP) is an inherit eye condition which has many variants.

RP affects peripheral vision with central vision (Macular) largely unaffected.

Central vision is what allows you the ability to see and identify faces, see a zit or black head. read text messages and books. You and I are using our central vision now to read this. I have central vision. Ask me about it during the interview. For example, while out and about I could be checking the attractive scenery, and with you beside me, I'd not see you taking a quick pick. I'd need peripheral vision for that.

Peripheral vision is used for Night vision, ability to see in poort lit places, see within shadows and OBJECT WARNING / AVOIDANCE on ground level, avoid tree branches. rubbish on the ground, and allows you to notice people about to cross your path and knock you over, hanging tree branches and so on. I don't have peripheral vision, this means I'm at high risk of serious life threatening injury by falling over objects, walking into people, bikes, cars, walls. falling down stairs and so on.

The general rule with those such as myself with RP is, when I'm looking directly at something or someone and provided lighting conditions are right I can see it! Sometimes, even though looking directly at something it can take several seconds before I can work out, just what I'm looking at. I could walk straight past you in the street and not recognise you! 

Although there are several variants of Retinitis Pigmentosa, they can be broken down into 2 primary variants.

Variant 1 is when the eyesight begins degenerate at a young age. Usually those affected will never drive a car and be legally blind before reaching adulthood.

Variant 2 is what I have. This does not begin to affect eye sight until very early 30's. About 1 in 4 will reach end stage, near total blindness. 3 in 4 will maintain the ability to read, watch small screen TV's until death.

Explains how I'm able to enjoy the movies

Click to see an image that shows the way I see the world

After reading the above you will have an understanding of why I fall over objects, can easily fall down a flight of stairs and yet, by reading the above you can understand how I am able to read a text message, watch TV, enjoy the theatre and movies. Even then it does not quite make sense I need you to support me, care for me, watch I don't walk into something or fall down.

One you've worked with me, you will begin to understand. 

During the trial period I'll be looking out for a few cues to determine if we are suitably matched for the long term.

  1. Are we comfortable working as a team
  2. Are you puctual, someone I can rely on.
  3. Am I relaxed and feel safe in your care or am I nervous, uncomfortable.
  4. Share the responsability of planning events. I don't want to be the one to make decisions all of the time.
  5. Do we share some common interests.Example. same movies and theatre types.
  6. Did you identify issues with clothing worn and rectify
  7. Did you assist me in my home with ironing light spit and polish.
  8. Ability to carry out instructions and requests.

During the meet and greet

During the interview I will ask you questions pertaining to my blindness, interests and my home. If I feel we are not going to be a match I will tell you this at the meet and greet. If I'm believe we are a match I will get back to you immediately after the completion of interviewing all other support workers.